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Choosing the right inertial system or Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) to integrate into your application is essential. Effective integration requires a company that understands the delivery of the system is just the beginning. That’s why KVH provides the support you need to achieve your goals.

Developer and Integration Tools

KVH Developers Kit
The KVH Developer’s Kit

Get your system up and running quickly with the KVH Developer’s Kit

Accelerate your KVH FOG/IMU integration into your application and improve development and integration efforts with the KVH Developer’s Kit. 

  • Compatible with all KVH’s IMUs and the DSP-1760 gyro
  • Enables fast prototyping
  • Accelerates systems development
  • Simplifies testing
  • Aids in troubleshooting and debugging 
  • Easy to install and use 

Complete. Ready to Use

The Developer’s Kit includes a power supply and all necessary cables to connect your KVH product to a PC. The Kit also includes a software program that’s versatile and enables you to easily perform a number of important integration tasks.

The KVH GEO•FOG Manager

Helps you get all of the details of INS integration right the first time

The GEO•FOG Manager is ideal when integrating KVH’s GEO•FOG 3D and GEO•FOG 3D Dual INS. This tool contains the hardware and software you need to get the most of this robust system.

  • Manage output of 50 different message types and formats
  • Select only those data outputs critical to your application
  • Find true position & heading even in GNSS-denied environments
  • Assist with mounting and alignment of the GEO•FOG INS
  • Choose the optimal configuration for your application

Complete. Ready to Use

The GEO•FOG Manager includes all the necessary antennas, cables, and power supply you need to get started. 

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The Developer’s Kit includes a power supply and all cables necessary to connect your KVH product to a PC. Also included is a software program that’s extremely versatile and enables you to perform a number of important integration tasks.

“Integration into our INS couldn’t be simpler or more precise. The mechanical integration was easy, too.”

- Ben Kinnaman, President & CEO of Greensea Systems, Inc.

Award-winning Documentation

The KVH documentation offered to our customers includes access to product manuals, datasheets, and engineering drawings to help our customers understand how our inertial systems are built and the system requirements. Among the resources are Interface Control Documents (ICDs) to assist with system integration.

The ICDs detail the: 

  • interfaces to the system 
  • inputs and outputs 
  • a record of all interface information
  • rules for communicating with KVH FOGs and inertial systems  

Award-winning Documentation

Expert Consultation

KVH professionals with in-depth, real-world expertise with our precision inertial systems and fiber optic-based gyros are available for online, video, and phone consultation with customers. Our experts are familiar with the common issues and more advanced challenges so that integration of KVH FOG and inertial systems into your application is quick and easy.

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