Advanced Electronic Charting and More

Eliminate physical shipments of DVDs and flash drives or costly downloads that consume your monthly data plan and delay your receipt of up-to-date charts. CHARTlink offers secure, weekly delivery of updated charts, helping improve voyage planning and efficiency and boosting safety for your ships and crew.

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In collaboration with industry leader C-MAP, CHARTlink uses IP-MobileCast advanced multicasting technology to deliver C-MAP ADMIRALTY ENC SERVICE (CAES) and ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service databases without slowing Internet connection speeds or consuming your monthly data plan.

Additional Supported Chart Vendors: CHARTlink also supports Bogerd Martin, Simrad, Transas and many other ADMIRALTY distributors of AVCS and AIO services.

Delivered by IP-MobileCast™

Pay As You Sail convenience

Global chart updating is especially valuable for Pay As You Sail (PAYS) licensing as it updates charts outside of your routine trading region that you might not attend to. With CHARTlink, you’ll receive automatic, global-scale, weekly updates effortlessly and affordably.

BONUS: Vessel tracking for PAYS compliance

KVH offers a vessel tracking service that satisfies PAYS requirements for license payments. We provide your ship position data without additional tracking equipment or third-party service fees. Vessel positions are monitored by the GPS sensor built into every mini-VSAT antenna for a flat monthly fee.

"One of the many benefits of receiving charts via KVH’s IP-MobileCast multicasting service is that all charts are available free of charge for planning – a customer need only pay for the charts used in navigation. But if a ship needs to deviate from course, the mariners have all those charts in their system. This really saves a lot of time and hassle, as the ordering of ENC charts can be a very complicated matter."

- Paul Elgar, OEM Strategic Business Manager, C-MAP

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