KVH Industries Dual Domes
Best Onboard – Matching Connectivity Solutions for Every Size Boat or Yacht

KVH’s award-winning TracPhone and TracVision solutions keep you connected at sea to give you the at-home experience you want wherever you go.

manufacturing KVH VSAT antenna system
It’s a Record (Again)!

With more than 500 new TracPhone VSAT systems shipped in Q1, it’s our 2nd consecutive record quarter. Plus, we’re No. 1 in maritime VSAT (again)!

P-series IMUs P-1775, P-1750, P-1725
KVH Launches New P-series IMUs with PIC Technology & High-end Accelerometers

KVH launches its P-series IMUs with breakthrough PIC technology and upgraded high-performance accelerometers that deliver enhanced performance, superior reliability, and survivability in demanding environments such as autonomous vehicle navigation.

AgilePlans by KVH - Connectivity as a Service

All-inclusive. No commitment. Welcome to a new era in value, service, and simplicity for maritime communications – AgilePlans delivers everything your fleet needs for better business at sea, whether you operate globally or in your home region, all for a single monthly subscription as low as USD$499.

KVH Link

KVH Link helps improve morale, wellbeing, and crew retention by connecting seafarers to home, easily and affordably, through daily news updates, favorite movies, TV, music, and the thrill of sports, all while improving vessel efficiency with the delivery of valuable operational data.

New Photonic Chip Technology

KVH’s new photonic chip technology is designed to reinvent FOG technology with higher performance, improved reliability, and easier integration.

Making the Complex Simple

We are a global leader in mobile connectivity and inertial navigation systems, enabling people on sea, land, and air to stay connected, remain on course, and have the knowledge needed to gain a competitive edge, all with a dedication to the most elegant solutions and to total dependability.

Creating Innovative Solutions for Customers on Sea, Land, and Air Around the Globe

satellite antenna

Mobile satellite antennas fielded worldwide for satellite television and satellite communications

Humvee equipped with KVH TACNAV

Military vehicles equipped with KVH’s field-proven TACNAV® family of tactical navigation systems

FOG Solutions

Fiber optic gyros produced for standalone systems and fully integrated inertial solutions

Global Connections

Serving customers in more than 142 countries around the globe