TracPhone LTE-1

Search for Adventure, Not a Signal—Powerful Marine LTE System Keeps You Connected In U.S. Waters

Powered by LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network technology, TracPhone® LTE-1 is an ultra-compact, marine-grade system for use in U.S. waters. It includes a high-gain, dual antenna array, modem, GPS, and Wi-Fi router in the dome—everything you need to head offshore to enjoy streaming video and music; Wi-Fi calling, browsing the web, checking email and social media, and more. TracPhone LTE-1 offers:

  • More speed: Enjoy streaming fast onboard connections with no throttling thanks to integrated LTE-A enhanced technology
  • More range: High-gain, dual LTE-A antenna array means a stronger signal with service up to twice as far offshore as your cell phone
  • More data: 10 GB monthly data plan and the option to add more data affordably as you need it
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TracPhone LTE-1 dome
NMEA 2022 Award Winner
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  • Automatic switching between leading U.S. carriers
  • Compact, marine-grade system: 34.2 cm x 33.7 cm (13.5” x 13.3”) / 2.8 kg (6.25 lbs)
  • 1 Power/data cable: Cat 6 double shielded 15 m (50’) cable included, more options available
LTE-1 on mobile device
  • Multi-device connectivity to support everyone onboard
  • Flexible airtime plan
  • Supports Wi-Fi Calling for voice service on your cell phone farther offshore*

* Requires Wi-Fi Calling support via your cell phone service provider

Technology & Service Details

Exclusive Technology


Fully Integrated, All-in-on Solution
TracPhone LTE-1 is an ultra-compact, marine-grade system that includes a high-gain, dual LTE-A antenna array; modem, GPS; and Wi-Fi router in the dome.

More Coverage
The TracPhone LTE‑1 offers blazing fast LTE-A speeds and extended and unmatched coverage in U.S. waters that is only possible by combining the strength of multiple leading U.S. carriers.*

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Transparent Data Use and Control
The LTE Manager App allows you to customize your onboard Wi‑Fi, see your data usage, and receive usage alerts via text or email.

*Speed and coverage area will vary based on antenna mounting location; onboard network equipment (including hardwired Ethernet connection or belowdeck Wi-Fi access point); position, height of, and distance to cell towers; network congestion; and network. Service reception may also be affected by environmental or operational conditions, and its uninterrupted availability is not guaranteed.

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