TracVision A9

Enjoy All the Comforts of Home with In-Motion Satellite TV

Traveling in your RV, SUV, or minivan gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Ideal for in-motion applications and vehicles with height restrictions, KVH’s TracVision® A9 sleek, ultra-low-profile satellite TV antenna system offers the pleasure of having your favorite DIRECTV® or DISH Network® programming available all the time. Never miss your favorite sports or TV shows, or current traffic, weather, and news information. Features:

  • TV-Hub IP-enabled antenna control unit allowing access to system information from any mobile device
  • Patented, automotive-grade housing is rugged enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, and even car washes
  • Unparalleled ease to every aspect of controlling your satellite TV system


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TracVision Land A9 TV Hub
TracVision Land A9 Transmitter
TracVision Land A9 inside


  • More than 300 channels of standard DIRECTV or high-def DISH Network programming along with 50+ channels of satellite radio1
  • 5-inch high, patented dome available in high-gloss black automotive-grade finish
  • Compatible with virtually all standard factory-installed and aftermarket video systems
TracVision Land A9 Hummer
  • Sleek IP-enabled TracVision TV-Hub
  • World-class warranty coverage and support
  • NEW! Includes satellite TV receiver for either DISH Network or DIRECTV U.S.2

1 TracVision A9 provides full in-motion reception of satellite TV signals on open roads with a clear view of the TV satellites in the southern sky throughout most of the continental U.S. Access to local channels is subject to local availability and satellite accessibility.

2 DISH Network or DIRECTV U.S. receiver sent separately; requires pre-activation of service. See TV Receiver for details.

Technology & Options

Exclusive Technology

Superior Performance & Technology
The ultra-low-profile TracVision A9 achieves its superior performance by using KVH’s patented hybrid phased-array antenna technology. Ultra-quiet, GPS-enhanced, and equipped with advanced tracking software, TracVision A9 ensures rapid satellite acquisition, a crystal-clear picture, and the outstanding reliability KVH is known for worldwide.3

TracVision TV-Hub
The innovative TracVision TV-Hub integrates the advanced functionality of the TV-series system into one streamlined unit with IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface; automatic satellite switching; built-in SWM-compatible technology supports DIRECTV programming; built-in DISH Pro output supports DISH Network and Bell TV service; and more.

3 Low-profile (flat) domes are ideally suited for in-motion operation and may experience rain fade from pooling water in some stationary applications. Dry conditions must exist for stationary operation.

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