LTE Airtime Plans

Extended Coverage and Faster Service at Sea and on the Road
KVH’s TracPhone® LTE systems deliver high-performance connectivity ideal for streaming HD, video chatting, and much more. Now you, your business, or your family can be online and in touch whether you’re close to the coast, as far as 32+ km (20+ miles) offshore, on the road to an emergency, or exploring off the beaten path. Plus, you enjoy more reliable coverage and faster speeds when you’re on the move. With a choice of the U.S.-only TracPhone LTE-1 and the worldwide coverage of the TracPhone LTE-1 Global, you can get connected with the perfect LTE system for your needs.

LTE-1 Global Zone/Rate Map

LTE Broadplan Plan


  • Streaming fast data connections with no throttling thanks to integrated LTE Advanced (LTE-A) enhanced technology
  • High-gain dual antenna array for extended range
  • Seamless switching among leading LTE service providers
  • Affordable airtime with the flexibility of month-to-month subscriptions
  • The capability to support least cost routing so that LTE can be part of a comprehensive multi-service communications solution
  • The convenience of a complete solution in one compact dome with the ease of a single cable installation
  • Need more data? No problem! It's easy and affordable to add more GBs when you need them

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