CommBox Network Services

KVH’s CommBox™ Network Services are an integral element of the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM), the heart of every TracPhone® VSAT system. The CommBox Network Services suite of management tools help you get more out of your communications solution via data routing and management, web optimization, efficient file transfers, optimized email, and flexible crew accounts.

Choose from the Standard and Enterprise bundles and work with our Application Engineering experts to develop a custom configuration perfect for your networking needs.

CommBox Network Software



Standard Bundle

Enterprise Bundle

Description The Standard Bundle is a streamlined, low-cost solution1 The Enterprise Bundle is a robust solution for your fleet1,2
Rate Plan Cost per Month $95 $195
Products Available CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager
Least Cost Routing, Bandwidth Management, Onboard Firewall
yes yes
Web Caching, Web Image Compression and Ad Removal, URL and Content Filtering
yes yes
Automated File Transfers, Differential Synchronization
Mail Server, Web Mail Client, Anti-spam and Anti-virus Filters
Roaming Crew Accounts, Prepaid Internet and Email Services

1CommBox software shall be subject to KVH’s Master Services Agreement
2A CommBox Hub is required for Enterprise Bundle

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