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The demand for connectivity onboard is growing every day. That’s why KVH offers the most complete global maritime communications solutions to provide the greatest business value and the connectivity you need.

VSAT Solutions

Your fleet deserves a SATCOM solution created with the same focus on quality and success that you bring to your business. That’s why our award-winning TracPhone® VSAT systems offer the rugged construction needed for commercial maritime vessels. These next-generation designs provide the fastest connections, fully integrated belowdecks equipment, support for IoT applications, and built-in, secure network and data management.

VSAT Systems

VSAT Products

TracPhone V11-HTS
TracPhone V11-HTS

World's only 1 m Ku/C-band VSAT system with high-speed and unlimited data use channels as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up)

TracPhone V7-HTS
TracPhone V7-HTS

Compact 60 cm Ku-band VSAT system with dual high-speed and unlimited data use channels as fast as 10/3 Mbps (down/up)

TracPhone V3-HTS
TracPhone V3-HTS

Ultra-compact maritime VSAT with metered and unlimited use plans. Plus, expanded network management

TracPhone V30
TracPhone V30

Ultra-compact, fast, and affordable VSAT with metered or unlimited use global plans as fast as 6/2 Mbps (down/up)



All-inclusive without commitment, AgilePlans® is a comprehensive subscription service — with both Global and Regional package solutions — that offers high-speed HTS broadband, VSAT hardware, free shipping, free installation, and zero maintenance with no CAPEX requirements. Bring connectivity to commercial vessels of every size with AgilePlans Global, offering 60 cm and 1 m VSAT systems supporting dual high-speed and unlimited use channels plus KVH Link™ or with AgilePlans Regional with KVH’s ultra-compact VSAT system, high-speed channel, unlimited email and texting, and no overage charges.

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"We chose KVH for its global coverage and fast data speeds, which are essential for our modern fleet to be able to operate as efficiently as possible."

- Captain Belal Ahmed, Western Shipping

“We selected KVH for the global coverage and the data speed, which will enable us to improve operational efficiency and provide crew welfare. Another deciding factor in choosing KVH VSAT was the ease of use in having one provider for the complete connectivity solution.”

- Jose Ricardo Esses, CIO, Transpetro
LTE Systems

LTE Solutions

Whether serving as a standalone solution or paired with a KVH VSAT system for the ultimate communications solution, KVH’s TracPhone LTE systems delivers broadband connectivity for all users as far as 32+ km (20+ miles) offshore.

LTE Products

TracPhone LTE-1
TracPhone LTE-1 Global

Integrated global mobile cellular communications system with LTE-A speeds and extended coverage range

TracPhone LTE-1 Mobile Communications
TracPhone LTE-1

Integrated U.S.-only mobile cellular communications system with LTE-A speeds and extended coverage range

Simply Connected, Simply Powerful

Powered by LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network technology, KVH's TracPhone LTE systems are ultra-compact, marine grade systems. They each include a high-gain, dual antenna array, modem, GPS, and Wi-Fi router in the dome - everything you need to head offshore and enjoy:

  • Automatic carrier switching
  • Flexible airtime plan
  • The ease of an end-to-end solution

Other Products

TracPhone Fleet One
TracPhone FleetOne

Low-cost SATCOM solution for voice and light data with speeds as fast as 100 Kbps

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