The KVH ONE Hybrid Network

KVH ONE™ changes the game for communications at sea, delivering a groundbreaking hybrid connectivity experience for yachts and ships of all sizes. KVH ONE offers seamless communications and intelligent switching among satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks. Stay connected on virtually any vessel, even in rough seas or at high speeds. It’s connectivity without complication!

  • KVH’s global, layered HTS Ku-band satellite network powered by Intelsat
  • Cellular support in 150+ countries as far as 32+ km (20+ miles) offshore
  • 5G and LTE-A cellular speeds (where available) and compatible with the KVH- or user-supplied SIM cards
  • Support for shore-based Wi-Fi
  • Crystal-clear, enhanced VoIP service
  • Supports the hybrid TracNet H30, H60 and H90

KVH ONE Wifi Satellite Cellular Venn diagram
Shore-based Wi-Fi

The KVH ONE Network enables access to shore-based Wi-Fi through an integrated Wi-Fi bridge in the TracNet H30, H60 and H90 terminals.

  • TracNet antennas are elevated and offer superior power and range with mobile device Wi-Fi reception
  • Log into the Wi-Fi network once – you will be automatically logged in when you return to the marina or port

Cellular Network

The KVH ONE Network provides cellular service in 150+ countries through a KVH-supplied SIM, standard equipment with every TracNet.

  • Automatic carrier switching and roaming
  • Compatible with user VPNs and user-supplied SIM to supplement KVH’s global service with local cellular rates
  • 5G and LTE-A cellular speeds (where available and compatible with SIMs)

Global HTS Network

The KVH ONE Network offers global coverage through its layered HTS network.

  • Next-generation high-throughput satellites (HTS) with 276 million sq. km (106+ million sq. miles) of coverage
  • Ku-band network ensures greater resilience to weather, with speeds as fast as 40/3 Mbps down/up*
  • Layered coverage offers visibility of multiple satellites and beams to optimize uptime and uninterrupted communications

* Requires TracNet H90 and KVH Elite

Intelligent Hybrid Switching

KVH ONE, together with TracNet, captures the connectivity that’s best for you, automatically switching between satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi streams. It’s seamless and stress-free!

  • Switches based on factors such as service availability, costs, quality of data transfer, jitter, and packet loss
  • Optional manual switching available with the ability to set a user-supplied SIM as the primary data channel

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KVH ONE automatic switching

Choose the TracNet Hybrid Terminal that’s right for you

Each commercial-grade TracNet terminal is equipped with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi capabilities in one integrated design, delivering the best performance at all times, intelligently. It’s like having three communication devices in a single dome! Additional features include:

  • Single-cable for easy installation and commercial-grade rotary joint that eliminates cable wrap
  • State-of-the-art belowdeck units that create confidence through all-in-one system control and network management.
  • Compatible with KVH Manager and its powerful suite of tools that deliver valuable analytics and data usage control
  • Support in ports worldwide through KVH OneCare™ for the life of your product

NEW TracNet hybrid antenna
TracNet H30

37 cm ultra-compact, hybrid terminal with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Data speeds as fast as 6/2 Mbps (down/up)

NEW TracNet H60 hybrid antenna
TracNet H60

60 cm hybrid terminal with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Data speeds as fast as 10/3 Mbps (down/up)

NEW TracNet H90 hybrid antenna
TracNet H90

1 m hybrid terminal with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up)

Solutions for Every Application

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